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The Rift is now available in paperback


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How would you do things differently, if you were given a chance to replay the last year?

How do you think the entire world would change if everyone, everywhere, was given that same chance simultaneously?

That’s exactly what happens one day in June. Mistakes are erased. Last year’s dead are returned. The entire world tries to grapple with a strange new world that no one can explain.

For one family, this is the answer to their prayers. Or perhaps not, when all is said and done.

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The Mayor of Seventeenth Avenue – eBook editions


The Mayor of Seventeenth Avenue

The Mayor of Seventeenth Avenue is now available as an eBook.

ISBN 978-1-3019-1915-4

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The Mayor of Seventeenth Avenue – Paperback edition

The Mayor of Seventeenth AvenueISBN 978 0 6157 7902 7

My fourth novel.

An expansion of the original short story that first appeared in For Four Players

In a city at the edge of the mountains, on a one-way street with many eyes…something is coming that no one there has ever seen before. In the battle of good versus evil, the sudden heroes and villains aren’t always easy to identify.

A homeless man, who has become a revered figure in a strange urban neighborhood. A boy with one hand, whose job it is to know everything. Together, they will find themselves at the center of the oldest conflict of them all.

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Published April 25th, 2013 and distributed through Amazon CreateSpace.


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Mulligan’s Daughters: eBook edition

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Mulligan’s Daughters is now available as an eBook.

ISBN 978-1-4524-7761-9

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Mulligan’s Daughters: Print edition

ISBN 978 0 6156 7292 2

A new novel, continuing the story of Mulligan.

It is more than 20 years since the world learned about Mulligan, and it has become an unfortunate yet mostly forgotten chapter in the world’s history. As Marie, Colette, and Evelyn look ahead to their bright futures…one is trapped in the past. An old tradition has found a new voice. A new generation grapples with the sins of it’s fathers. Something that was best left forgotten demands to be remembered.

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Published August 12th, 2012 and distributed through Amazon CreateSpace.

- eBook edition now available -

For Four Players: Print edition

Four Five Short Stories originally published in 2011. First print edition, available from Amazon CreateSpace.

ISBN 978 0 615 62906 4

This is the story of what happened: when the HMS Dovish made her final berth in the South Pacific…when a Soviet Cosmonaut paved the way for the future at the cost of his own past…when the Mayor of Seventeenth Avenue faced a difficult choice…and when Johnny’s girl took the money and ran.

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Contains Ghoul, Ten Years Gone, The Mayor Of Seventeenth Avenue, Continental Highway, and NoThing.

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Mulligan: Print edition

This is the paperback version of my first novel, now on sale at Amazon CreateSpace.


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In 2206, Mulligan is a secret society of surgeons that alters the memories of anyone who can ruin their powerful clients. When Mulligan goes too far and commits a murder, David Prast is the only person to realize it happened, and that the killer is the most famous person in his country. At the frozen ends of the Earth, either the truth will be revealed, or it will end up buried in an icy grave.

ISBN-13 978-0-6156-1795-4  /  ISBN-10 0615617956

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Written in 2006, first published as an eBook in 2010.

Chair de ma Chair: Print edition

Print-on-demand, distributed by Amazon at CreateSpace.


THIS BOOK IS ALSO AVAILABLE AT THE HAMMES NOTRE DAME BOOKSTORE, in the Eck Center on the Campus of the University of Notre Dame. Call them at 574-631-5757 and they’ll ship one to you.

ISBN-13 978-0615597096  /  ISBN-10 0615597092

In print as of 2/29/2012

Chair de ma Chair is French for “Flesh of my Flesh”. (…I assure you the book is in English…)

A young Notre Dame student is backpacking her way across France in the summer of her Sophomore year. She stumbles into a long-forgotten underground wine cellar during a storm. She nabs a couple of bottles, and finds a leathery old book stashed among the racks. After the book comes into her life, a series of grisly murders begin.

The book turns out to be more than Jen bargained for. No one ever told her that some books were not meant to be read.